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Dear lovers of 56 card game,

We trust that you're finding the site “56cardgameonline” enjoyable. This site was born as a result of the Covid pandemic when we were stuck at home with no chance of any face to face social interactions with our friends. Our site became a hub for rekindling bonds. Families and friends across continents reunited through the joy of the 56 card game and we are glad that we were a part of that experience.

So far the cost of running the site has been covered by the 56 team internally. If you have found value in the site, we welcome voluntary contributions to help us cover the annual running costs of the site and pay securely via paypal by clicking here or by clicking the donate button below.

Note: The paypal link below only works for donations from outside India. If you are resident in India, kindly send us an email : cardgameonline.56@gmail.com

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